Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Scoop

The only thing I can manage to say tonight is, "Oh boy, I'm tired." I guess Sweet Pea is going through a growth spurt because it seems like all either of us want to do today is sleep, and neither of us has had much energy to do a lot of moving or shaking. Rest assured though, Sweet Pea is just fine. I got to check in on her with a sono yesterday, and Little Bean refuses to go to bed at night until she has heard Sweet Pea's heartbeat. We're both just knackered from all of her growth.

Here is this week's belly pic:
28 Weeks

Due to some unpleasantness, also known as indigestion, I have not gained even a pound in the last three weeks. I'm 28 weeks and still only up 16.5 lbs. I can't say that I mind that, but I do mind the fact that I will eat my lunch at noon, not eat again for the rest of the day, and have to force my lunch back up before bed 10 hours later to prevent choking on it when it backs up on me during the night. Basically, my stomach has just plain quit working.

Last week I went in to see my OB because I have been having some intense contractions that make me worry a little. They are really strong and really long, as in they last for minutes at a time. Because of that, I have moved to weekly checkups and sonos to ensure everything is staying tightly closed.

Between my appointment this week and last:
  • We determined my inability to breathe is due to my intense allergies. My doctor prescribed a flow meter, and when it didn't help, we knew it was allergies. 
  • I got put on a prescription to get my stomach muscles working, which I started last night. So far it seems to be working, and I couldn't be happier. I really would prefer to not have to throw up before bed every night.
  • Everything is staying nice and closed.
  • Despite my lack of weight gain, Sweet Pea is still getting all she needs.
  • Sweet Pea moved into the head down position from transverse Sunday night of last week, which explains why I slept so horribly that night.
We also moved up the date of my c-section. I had originally scheduled it for my husband's birthday, but despite the fact he kept telling me he didn't care, he made it pretty obvious he cared. I saw the expression on his face every time I told someone the baby would be born on his birthday, and then he would make comments here and there that told me he wanted to keep his birthday to himself. So I asked to have it moved, which felt really silly to me, but I would rather feel silly than face a lifetime of resentment from my husband.

He reacted exactly how I expected, which was to ask why I did that, to remind me with words that he didn't care, and then made me feel bad for doing it. In the end though, I know I made the right decision, and it honestly feels like the lesser of two evils.

As far as the baby, her movements are becoming stronger and more distinct. I love that I can put my hand on my tummy and feel her little arms and legs moving. It makes the fact that there is a baby in there so real. She's no longer this little octopus parasite, she has become a baby. The more I feel her individual limbs, the more excited I get to hold her.

I love that when I roll over at night, she will sleepily readjust in my belly. I can almost hear her say, "Come on mom, I'm trying to sleep in here!" Like me, she doesn't like getting up in the morning. Once that alarm clock starts going off, she makes slow, sleepy movements. She also lets me know she doesn't like it when she gets squished while I put on my shoes, bend over to pick up things, or do anything else that cuts into her space.

Her movements make the uncomfortableness of pregnancy worth it. If she moves while my reflux/indigestion acts up, I don't seem to notice the latter as much because I'm too busy smiling at my baby moving. I smile a lot lately.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Its time for Little Bean and I to get ready for bed. Later!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Que Pasa (What's UP)?

I guess after two weeks, its time for an update. Although I guess it has technically been over 3 since I updated on anything. So let's get into it.

Little Bean's birthday party was awesome. She had a great time, and had quite a few friends show up. Of course she got showered with some great gifts, like play dough, Princess toys, art supplies, and much more. Not surprisingly, she loves it when her birthday rolls around, and still thinks every box that shows up on our front door is for her.

The week after her birthday she and I went and got our birthday pictures taken (we are only 9 days apart). Here are a few shots from the session.

They are going to send us a CD with the photos retouched, and I am hoping they fix the fact that the colors seem so faded and washed out. If not, maybe I will make them retake the photos.

There was one picture from the session that made me cry, and it took me a few minutes to compose myself enough to be able to speak:
I have waited a long time for this picture, and I have gone through a lot to get to it. Making my little girl a big sister has been one of the primary focuses of my life since she was born. To finally see this picture was a very emotional moment for me. We took this picture along with a couple of others and had them make a compilation that I will frame for the baby's room.

Speaking of the baby, I am 27 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it. I wish I could say that this pregnancy has been all sunshine and roses, but I am going to admit, I have been pretty stinking miserable, despite my efforts to ignore everything unpleasant and enjoy being pregnant. I definitely try to focus on the things I love, like fetal movement, but some most days I am just plain miserable.

My reflux is out of control, and the only thing that helps is to not eat, which oddly enough, exacerbates the heartburn. Zantac and Tums don't help anymore. I can't eat after 5:00 p.m. or else I end up throwing it up before bed so I don't wake up choking on it all night long. Even water gives me reflux! Its ridiculous.

My hips ache so much with this pregnancy, and its constant enough that it has started to affect my morale. I've had a couple of days where everything makes me cry because of the constant pain and discomfort in my hips.

I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow because I think I might have pregnancy-induced asthma. I will have daily bouts where I just cannot breathe. I've had to walk out of meetings at work because I don't want to sit there and pant for air in front of everyone. These bouts will last anywhere from an hour and a half to hours on end. I've noticed that at some points even my nail beds turn purple. Nothing I do helps. I just can't breathe. It could be allergy related, but the allergy pills I've been taking aren't helping at all. All I know is something has to give. I have to be able to breathe.

I am a huge klutz; I drop everything, which is super annoying when you can't simply bend over and pick it up. Retrieving dropped items takes a lot of orchestration and then readjustment of clothing when you're done. Along those same lines, my pregnancy brain is BAD. Really, really bad. I swear I'm lucky I remember my name. I almost left the house without putting in my contacts one day.

I just don't remember my first pregnancy being this miserable. One thing I do remember and that is plaguing me enough this time too that it will be brought up tomorrow is the contractions have set in. They have gotten to the point where they are so hard and long that if I am walking when they hit, I have to stop and wait for them to let up. I have even gotten really dizzy with a few of them the last couple days.

I don't mean to complain, but honestly, I am ready to meet this baby and be done being pregnant. Its not as fun as I remembered it last time. I just want to get my Sweet Pea here so I can hold her and have my complete family.

In other, happier news, my husband bought me a Nea.to vacuum for my birthday. It is a rival to the Room.ba, only it is the better vacuum (believe me, I did my homework before picking one). I seriously LOVE that my house gets vacuumed every day and I never have to do it again. As if that wasn't enough, it has made keeping the house clean an easier. Keeping everything off the floors is half the battle to a clean house. While you pick up stuff off the floors and put it away, you just grab everything around it and put it all away too. Our house has been constantly clean since our Nea.to came home, which is awesome because we've had a lot of surprise company lately.

Other semi-noteworthy news:
  • I am interviewing candidates for my temporary replacement starting next week, which should be interesting. I've never interviewed anyone before. I've got two candidates scheduled for a phone screen, and one scheduled for an in-person interview. I am really excited to meet the latter because I think he could be what I'm looking for in my temp.
  • I joined Pintrest because my best friend kept telling me about all of these great cleaning ideas she found on there. The jury is still out as to whether I like it or not. I've tried a couple things I read, but want to try a few more.
  • We got a water softener last week, which is what inspired the cleaning spree. We have 30 days to evaluate it, and I want to give it a fair shake before saying yes or no to purchasing it. I grew up with soft water for 25 years, so I know I like it. I just want to make sure Hubs likes it, and that it really is worth the expense.
I think that's a good catch-up for now. Hopefully I won't go as long between updates, but I make no promises. ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Little Bean

Dear Little Bean,

Four years ago today, you entered mine and daddy's lives and changed them for the better in ways we could not imagine. It is sad how quickly these years have gone, and how quickly they will keep going, but I think God for every day you are in my life.

This past year you have experienced and seen more than most kids your age. You got to go to Cancun, Mexico and swim with dolphins, hang out in the pool, and experience a different culture while also practicing your Spanish.
You with Andromeda
A sombrero bigger than you
We went to grandma and grandpa's for the 4th of July and you went on your first hike in the Rocky Mountains. You loved it, and did amazingly well.
You with Uncle Bird at the zoo
You got to go to Disneyland for the first time and got to spend the entire vacation with mama's whole family (except grandpa, who sadly, had to say home), including your favorite cousin K.

And as if that weren't enough vacations for a 3-year-old in one year, you got to become an intercontinental traveler and spend Christmas and New Years in the UK!
You in Trafalgar Square
You loved chasing pigeons

You loved going to castles

In addition to all of your traveling, you grew and learned a lot. You are an intelligent girl, and there are many verbs that can be used to describe you, such as friendly, precocious, resilient, determined, loving, tender, and well-behaved. You love to share, and do so every chance you get. You are especially generous with your stickers.

The things you love the most besides mom and dad are the dogs, especially Sadie, whom you claim as your own; and your princess blankets because you like to "snuffle" the tags.

Today you are going to have a Rapunzel and Star Wars the Clone Wars birthday party. Over 25 kids were invited, both boys and girls, so we will see how many show up. No matter how many kids come, I know you will have an awesome time because you love the place we are having your party.

In a few months, you will become a big sister. People often ask me if you are excited about the baby, and you always tell me yes. You tell me about all of the things you will teach your little sister, and all of the things you will show her. You love to see her on sonograms, but you especially love to hear her heartbeat. I know without a doubt that you are going to be an awesome big sister, one who is enviable and a wonderful example. This is one thing I have always wanted for you, and I am so glad that this year you will know the joy only a sibling can bring.

This past year it has been wonderful and amazing to see how much you have grown mentally and emotionally. You are not so much a toddler anymore as you are a little girl. When I ask you why you have to get so big so fast, you always tell me it is so you can reach things that are high up. But if there is one thing I have taught you well, it is that no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby, and I love it when you tell me so.

I look forward to watching you continue to grow and experience and learn about the world around you this next year. I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Thank you for always being so strong, and being the one who made it. I love you munchkin.