Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy First Birthday to My Little Miracle

Dear Little Sweet Pea,

I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown. It has been an incredible blessing, and I have not taken one day for granted. You have been my little sunshine. I thank God every day for blessing our family with your sweet little personality. You were very wanted, and always will be. You have grown and filled my heart with endless joy.

Over the past year you went to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and took your first plane trip and went to Disney World where we got to spend time with uncle Birdman. Grandma and grandpa came for the day you were born, and again when you were blessed. Grandma and your cousin K came for your first birthday party.

You learned how to crawl when you were about 8 months old and never looked back. You're not quite walking yet, but you are such a laid back, easy going baby, I never worry about you hitting milestones. You always seem to do things in your own time. What's the hurry? You'll get there when you're ready.

People comment all of the time about how happy and easy going you are. You love to smile, and you very rarely fuss. You have the most adorable little laugh, and the sweetest little smile. You LOVE to be held and to snuggle. Mama loves to kiss you endlessly, and you are definitely the apple of daddy's eye. It seems that no one in this world can hold a candle to your big sister as far as you're concerned. You have a smile and giggle that you reserve only for her. She can make you laugh and laugh. The two of you were as close from the day you were born as I dreamed you would be. I know that you two will be best friends forever.

You are definitely a people person. You love to be in your walker so you can follow mama around and run over my toes. You are also content to just hang out next to me in you walker, like the day we sat outside and put a new lawn mower together to surprise daddy. You follow me almost everywhere and tug on my pants to tell me you want to be held. I will hold you no matter how much my arms or back hurt. I savor each and every moment I have with you.

Right now you only have two little teeth on the bottom. As a result, you aren't much of a solid eater yet. I don't mind. I like to snuggle with you and feed you a bottle. It won't last forever, so I'm soaking it up. You do love your yogurt bites and rice crackers though. I love the way you squeal and get excited when you see the packages.

While you can say "mama" and "daddy", your first word was definitely "Hi!" You LOVE to say "Hi" to mommy and daddy over and over. Sometimes you wave when you say hi too. You love to clap and say "Yay!" as well. You can even give high fives!

Another thing you absolutely love is the bunny, Olaf. Oh boy do you love that bunny! You will crawl over to his cage, and mama has to try to keep your fingers out of there. You squeal with delight when mama pulls him out because you want to pet his soft little head.

Sweet Pea, this last year has been AMAZING. I am so beyond blessed that you were strong and beat the odds to make it here into our hearts and arms. I can't wait to see what the next year brings as you learn to walk and talk and travel the world with us. I can't wait to get your first passport! I promise life will never be dull in this family. Thank you for being so strong, amazing, and sweet.

I love you with all of my heart for ever and always.