Sunday, April 14, 2013

An Update for Mom

My mom called me the other day, concerned that I hadn't updated my blog in 3 weeks. I was surprised it had been that long, yet not at the same time. I've kind of been over blogging for a long time. As this pregnancy progresses, I find I want to focus more on family and less on singular activities, especially ones that take up hours of my time in one sitting. I'm sure I don't have to tell many of you out there how long it can take to write a post, and then how much time you spend reading and commenting on other blogs.

I haven't completely given up on blogging, because I like the way it has acted as a journal to building my family, but now I want to spend time with that family and building memories with them instead of writing about them from behind the keyboard. That being said, my posts will probably get fewer and farther in between.

The past three weeks have been crazy. We still don't have anything really set up for the baby yet, and for the most part, I don't worry about it. I know we have everything we need. Right now it is just a matter of getting things in place for the big day. We don't have a nursery and won't for a long time. We need to do some remodeling on our house first and we're still trying to find a contractor to do it. So the plan is that Sweet Pea will sleep with me until she and her room are ready for her to move into. As a result, we're finding ways to cope with not having a nursery. Her changing table will be in our bathroom. Her swing and bouncer downstairs. Things like that. We'll make it work, and I'm not stressing about it. Its true that you worry about these things less with the second baby. You already know everything will work out just fine.

Here is a belly picture from last week:
34 Weeks
I have only gained a pound in the last 2+ months and have only gained 17 lbs total with this pregnancy. I have to say it has been nice watching my problem fat areas slowly dissolving away. Don't worry about Sweet Pea though, she is getting everything she needs. At our growth scan a couple of weeks ago she was measuring a full week ahead in height. This baby continues to be a miracle in every respect.

The last few weeks of the pregnancy have been really difficult and uncomfortable. At my last appointment my doctor asked if I wanted to be put on bed rest. I asked to work part days from home instead. I don't want to use my maternity leave until my baby is in my arms. I will tough my way through all of the discomfort to ensure that happens unless there is a really good reason to go on bed rest. At this point, I think we're in the clear.

Working from home will only be difficult in that my temporary replacement starts tomorrow and I only have a couple of weeks to train him because we could not find talent in the area, so he will be working from a different state. Honestly, I want to have him trained by the end of the week so that I don't have to do much the second week. I don't know how well that will work, but that's the plan.

I had a few days this past week where I started to really think about the impact this baby is going to have on Little Bean and our relationship. She has put my fears at ease by constantly telling me how excited she is to be a big sister. She seems to be genuinely looking forward to it. This next week I will have her help me start getting things in place for the baby like getting the swing and bouncer put together.

Well, I think that's it for me. Time for some family time. Later!