Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Dear Baby Bean,

I can't believe that you are already three years old! Three years ago today, I was given the best gift God has ever given me. I still remember hugging my tummy just before your daddy took us to the hospital so you could be born. That day was the most incredible day of my life, and one I fought very hard to get to. I will always remember how you looked when I got to see you for the first time, and how you snuggled up against me and slept while we were in the hospital. One of my favorite memories of those first few days is when I was so tired and trying to sleep, I heard a baby come crying down the hallway, and I just knew it was my baby. Sure enough, my room door opened, and you were wheeled in, crying for your mama.

The past three years have just flown by. It has been amazing to watch you grow and learn. You are a very intelligent little girl, and your teachers often tell me so. Sometimes you say things that just astound me because I can't believe such a young little girl can understand so much and be so profound.

You are a generous, very giving little girl. You love to share. You are a tender little soul and are very chatty. You say hello to everyone we meet, and you always ask people their names. One day a few weeks ago we went to lunch, and a gentleman came in wearing his best biker gear and do rag. He sat down to eat his lunch at a table near us and you proclaimed, "He's eating it!" and laughed. The guy laughed back and replied, "I'm only human." You then asked him what his name was. There are times that mom can't help but laugh at the things you say and do because you are so adorable.

You love Sadie dog very much. She even comes when you call her. You love to give the dogs treats, and you get upset if I give it to them because you wanted to.

One thing that I love most is when you come crawl into bed with me at odd hours of the night. You always make two trips from your room to mine so that you can grab your two princess blankies, Bedtime Puppy, and your pillow. You then hoist yourself into my bed and ask me to cover you up with your princess blankies. They must be upside down because you like to hold the tags while you suck your thumb. It is hilarious because you have to have both blankie tags and Bedtime Puppy's tag in your hand at the same time.

I bought Bedtime Puppy for you when you were only a couple of month old. I wasn't sure you would even like him, and almost didn't get him. Little did I know he would turn into your favorite toy, and the one you can't live without. He goes everywhere with you. If we go on vacation, he goes on vacation too. I bought about six other puppies just like him, but you know they aren't Bedtime Puppy because he is the only one with a rattle in his head. No other puppy will do at bedtime.

You are into Disney movies BIG TIME. Your all-time favorite is Bolt. In fact, you love that movie so much we named one of Maggie's puppies after him. Luckily, Bolt now lives with grandma, so we will get to see him for many years to come. He was your favorite of the two puppies. You would carry him all over the house and back yard. Most of the time he was a good boy about it. I had to put him in his place a couple of times though.

Your other favorite movies are the Toy Story series. You call Woody, "Boody." It makes me laugh. You always get so excited when you see "Boody" anywhere. I hope you will get to meet him later this year. You also like to watch Tinker Bell movies.

Your favorite TV shows are Avatar, Shaun the Sheep, and Dora.

Your favorite princess is Snow White.

You call buttons "bunts." And you often get opposites confused. When we put on your jacket, you will ask us to please unzip it. When you go into the bathroom, you ask us to please turn off the light. You make me smile.

One thing that drives mama crazy is your inability to make up your mind. Just last night I took you shopping for a new pair of princess sparkle shoes to replace your worn out ones. The second I put them on your feet you said you wanted them. But after I took them off, you said you didn't want them anymore, and to put them back. Earlier this week daddy and I took you to the party store to buy stuff for your Princess party on Saturday, and we tried to get you to pick a princess tiara. You refused every single one we offered. As we were walking out of the store, you were upset because we didn't buy you a crown. Ahhh child, I do love you!

Whenever daddy and I ask you what you want to eat for dinner, you always tell us, "pasta." The other night you made me laugh when you said you wanted "macaroni." You always order your own drinks when we eat out. Usually you get Sprite, but you used to always get lemonade. One thing you don't do well is sandwiches. You always pull them apart and eat the pieces separately. The other night you tried to eat all the jelly off a PB&J. It made me laugh. You like to eat turkey sandwiches without the bread.

You love to go to the pet store with me, and we can't leave until we have looked at all of the animals. You usually get mad when I say it is time to go because you want to go look at all of the animals again. The last couple of years I have given you a new pet for your birthday. For your first birthday you got a goldfish, who is still very happy in his tank in the kitchen. Last year I bought both of us a gerbil, you told me you wanted the brown one and named him Louis, and I got the white one named Dizzy. You enjoy feeding them cheerios and helping me put new aspen shavings in their cage every week when I clean it out.

You are mama's big helper lately. Whenever I make cookies, you want to turn on the mixer. When I make scrambled eggs for breakfast, you like to whisk the eggs. You help me clean up the house too. You love it when I tell you that you are my big helper. It makes you just as happy as it makes me.

I put you to bed every night and our routine always consists of me laying down with you and snuggling while we listen to and watch your bedtime aquarium play music. Sometimes we sit their quietly, and other times we goof around singing songs or tickling. You never like it when I get up to leave so you can go to sleep. Over the past couple years, I have pushed your bed time back further and further, just so I can spend a little extra time with you.

You are a very snuggly little girl, and your daddy and I love that, as we are also snugglers. Your daddy and I like to cuddle with you while we watch movies. There are days where you tell me you want to sit on my bed and snuggle while we watch some TV. I love nothing more than to hold you, and I am going to do everything I can to make sure you always want to snuggle with me, even when you're a teenager.

Right now you are the only baby on your dad's side, and you are the fourth baby on mom's side. Both families love you very, very much. In fact, Grandma CC is coming just for your birthday. Grandma and Grandpa W came out for your first birthday. Your aunties and uncles love you very much too. Both of mom's brothers asked me to make a calendar with pictures of you for their Christmas gifts this past year. Its something I have done since your first Christmas, and my family wants me to keep them coming.

I love you so much you have me wrapped around your little finger. You know when you are in trouble all you have to do is give me your sly little smile and I will laugh. Most times I can't stay mad at you for more than a few seconds. You are my light and my joy. I will never forget how hard I fought to get you here, and I know that shows every day of your life. I never take you for granted. Your dad says I spoil you, and as much as I like to tell him I don't, we all know I do. I just can't help myself. I love to make you happy. I love to see you smile. Above all, I love to hear you laugh. I get through the worst days by looking forward to coming and getting you from school. Some days it takes all I have to stay at work and not go get you to take you home and snuggle.

When I was pregnant with you people always asked what was the one thing I wanted most for you. I always told them it was to be smarter than me. On top of that, I wish that you and I will always have a close relationship. I hope that you will always come to me when you need help with life's problems. I hope you always know that I am always here for you, and that I love you more than anything. I thank God all day long, every day for blessing my life with you.

I love you sweet baby girl. I look forward to watching you continue to grow this next year. To sharing new adventures with you that you will talk about for the rest of your life. To taking pictures of more amazing and wonderful moments. You are worth it all.

Will all my love,
Your mama


Heather said...

Aww happy birthday baby bean! xx You're lucky to have a mama who cherishes you so much!

Anonymous said...

Seriously crying so hard. This is beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Baby Bean - you have the best Mom EVER!! Love you girls!

Life Happens said...

What a lovely post for your little bean. She is just growing up too fast. I love all the sweet moments you guys share together!

Potters said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are adorable. You've grown up so fast. I can't wait to see you again.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Baby Bean!!!