Monday, September 17, 2012

Ironic or Daddy's Intuition?

A week and a half ago Hubs came home from work and said one of our local furniture stores was having a blowout sale. I've been trying to get him to let us buy Little Bean her big girl furniture for a few months now. We had gone shopping a while back so that Hubs could see what I liked, and then fit it into our budget. Of course other things kept coming up, like our water heater kicking the bucket, and other major expenses, so the bedroom set kept being put off.

Well weekend before last, Hubs said we could go check out this sale. It was an outlet, so everything was scratch and dent, but who cares when you are buying the furniture for a child? They are going to scratch and dent it over the years anyway. Within a few hours of entering the store, Little Bean had a whole new bedroom set. Since we had taken my car instead of his truck, we weren't able to pick it up until the following day, which worked great for me because I had to get Little Bean's room ready for the new digs.

I spent the entire day that Sunday taking down the convertible crib, moving out her old dresser and night stand, and cleaning up her room. By the end of the day, her new room was all almost all put together. I had to buy a couple of other things to complete the room, which we did over this weekend. Now the room is totally fit for my little princess.

Saying goodbye to the crib
Enjoying the last time she would have so much space
All of this is going away!
The bookshelf and little table are the only things staying

Goodbye crummy dresser - into mom's closet with you!

On the new Princess Carriage bed, also known as Little Bean's "Ride" (Her name for it, not ours)
The new Princess Nightstand, complete with writing desk
The new Princess Dresser
Her first night in her Big Girl Bed
 And then I finished it all up this past weekend....

The finishing touches!
This was the first time she had seen the canopy. I put it together while she was in the bath.
Checking out all of the princess stickers on the walls
More Princess stickers!
Yes, she really was this excited!

Sleeping in her "ride" under "the tent."

In retrospect, is it ironic that Hubs finally let us get the bedroom set, or was it his intuition speaking to him?


Fran said...

That's an amazing bed!!!! Love love love the room and look at her face!! Very happy you got what you wanted in the end and everything worked out for the best. Fran

Carrie said...

I would have LOVED that bed when I was little! At age 5, we moved and Mom let me decorate my own bedroom: Pink walls, pink carpet, white trim, curtains and bedding. Definitely girly!

I vote for intuition! :)

S.I.F. said...

Oh my I love it! Especially the canopy! SO perfect!

Alex said...

What a beautiful room! I love how excited she is for it!!!

That crib - it has such purpose, doesn't it... SO HAPPY!!!

Life Happens said...

Gorgeous bed fit for a princess! Looks beautiful. And her cute little face is just priceless!