Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Part of the reason I haven't updated in the past couple of weeks is because I just haven't, and because we went to Disney Land last week. A lot has happened in two weeks, so I'll break it down into a couple of updates.


My dad is doing so much better. It has been an incredible blessing. Things got really scary there for about a week, and my family was so worried about him. I won't go into a ton of details, but my mom noticed over a couple of days while she was visiting him in the hospital that he would be somewhat lucid until they gave him his meds. Within half an hour of taking them, he would be completely incoherent and hallucinating. It turned out he had an infection that was not reacting well with his medication, so they backed off his dose, and the difference was night and day. Over the next few days we got more and more of my dad back. I tried so hard not to cry the first day he and I had a full conversation because I was so relieved and grateful. We talked for half an hour, and even then I didn't want to hang up, but my dad was tired.

While we've come a long way, we still have a long way to go. My dad only has a temporary knee in right now, and will have to go get a permanent knee put in in a couple of weeks. My whole family is really nervous about when that happens and whether or not we'll have to go through all of this again. And if we do, we're worried we won't get my dad back next time. Needless to say, I am enjoying every conversation we have right now.

I booked a ticket home to see him next month, which will be before the surgery so that he and I can spend some good time together. I recently scanned over 300 slides from his youth, and I get to take them back home for him to see for the first time in over 40 years. I love looking at these pictures

My dad when he was 19 or 20
So we'll look at these pictures, eat some chocolate from our favorite chocolatiers whose motto is, "Chocolate for customers with a distinctive pallet", have some good conversations, and probably take some naps while watching boring TV while he sits in his chair and I stretch out on the couch.

I love my dad. So much.

Baby Bun
I am officially in the second trimester (at least according to most books and phone apps). It feels great to be here. I've had a bit of spotting, and a lot of sonograms because of it, but the baby is doing great. I still can't feel the baby yet or even find it with my fetal doppler. I figured this baby was a mover because I could find Little Bean with the doppler at 10 weeks, and I still can't find this baby at 13 weeks. I had a check up last week before we went to Disney Land, and it made me feel better when even my OB had a hard time finding the heartbeat because the baby wouldn't sit still. She did eventually find it and the baby finally sat still for a bit. Little Bean went with me to that appointment and loved hearing the heartbeat. In fact, Little Bean saw the baby on a sonogram a couple weeks before and loved seeing it and hearing the heartbeat.

Today we had our NT scan and it is amazing how far the technology has come, even in 4 short years since we were pregnant with Little Bean. The second we saw the baby, I started to cry because I am just so happy we're here. The little bun just would not hold still. It wiggled so much through the whole appointment that the sonographer had a hard time getting measurements. She had asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, which we did, but the little bum wouldn't hold still enough or in the right position for her to be able to tell. This baby is definitely a mover. When the doctor came in though, she got a couple of good shots and told us what she thinks we're having.

The appointment went really well. The baby had been measuring a day behind EDC (estimated date of conception [although in our case, date of conception was not estimated]), but today it measured 2 days ahead! The doctor said everything looks perfect and she is really happy with the way everything looks. She is happy with where the placenta is placed in relation to the scar and thinks we won't have any issues there. However, she said she wants to take the baby at 37 weeks to prevent contractions. I am kind of sad that my pregnancy will be cut short by a couple of weeks, but getting my baby here safely without risking a rupture is all we care about.

One upside to being high risk is that I will get monthly sonograms just to make sure the placenta doesn't get out of line. Which means we should be able to confirm the sex of the baby at the next appointment! While they can tell with a high degree of certainty now, I don't dare start buying gender-specific color items yet.

Here is one of the best take-aways from today's appointment:
13wks 1d

I don't know if all of the patients at this office get the 3D scans, but if not, this is another perk of being high risk. They also sent us home with a video of the scan that is about 45 minutes long. Now I get to watch my baby go crazy in-utero all I want. lol

Well, it is time to snuggle Hubs and watch TV. I will update with Disney pictures soon!


Heather said...

Bubs is totally looking like a little person now-cute!!!

Treasure all your time with your dad. Ask him any stories you want to know and remember so you can share them with your kids. How awesome to say 'kids' plural!

When you know for sure, will you tell those of us who want to know, what you're having? Coz I wanna know! :P

Leah said...

I love happy updates!!! Technology is amazing! I had my NT scan around 12 weeks, and they said girl, and sure enough, they were right!

So happy you get to go home to see your dad. I'm hoping his health continues to improve.

So many positive thoughts coming your way.

twondra said...

Oh sweetie, I had tears reading about your dad. Yes, it sounds very similar to what happened with Mark and it was a nightmare for me. :( I can't imagine what you're going through. I will continue to pray for you so much!

So happy things are going well with the baby bun. :) So very happy for you!

Know you're never far away from my thoughts and prayers! Love you girl!!