Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Reveal!

When I first got pregnant, I had no feelings one way or another as to the gender of the baby. After a while I began to feel like it was probably a girl. As time I went on, I was more and more convinced it was a girl. But no one was more convinced than Little Bean, who has insisted since the day I told her she is going to be a big sister, that the baby is a girl.

I kind of hoped the baby was a boy because I would love to give my husband a son, and because all of the grandbabies on my side are girls (Little Bean is the only grandbaby on Hubs' side). I longed to bring the first boy into my side of the family, especially since this is it for us. We're not trying for any more babies after this.

The day after we got home from Disneyland last month we had our NT scan, which lasted about an hour and a half. The baby wouldn't sit still so the sonographer could get a good peak at the gender, still, she hazarded a guess at a girl and said she wouldn't tell the doctor to see what the doctor thought. When the doctor came in, she said she thought the baby was a boy, and she got a couple of really good shots to confirm her theory, shots the sonographer was unable to get. Even after the doctor was so sure the baby was a boy, I didn't want to start buying any baby gear yet, simply because sonographer thought the opposite. I had to be sure.

Funny enough, I cried for about two days after that appointment because I had gotten used to the idea of having another girl, so it was hard to change my way of thinking. Whenever I would tell people the doctor thought it was a boy, I would choke up. Not because I didn't want a boy, but because it just seemed so perfect.

Since that appointment, we have been telling people we think the baby is a boy, but that we weren't positive yet, so we were withholding confirmation of team blue.

But the anatomy scan and big reveal was today. I'm surprised I was able to sleep last night, because every time I thought about our appointment during this week, I would get butterflies in my tummy. I couldn't wait to find out!

But before I tell you what we're having, let's see the Belly Pic of the Week.

18 Weeks, 1 Day

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... this baby is playing for....


I have to admit, I was surprised. After our NT scan, I had gotten used to the idea of a little boy and pee pee tents and everything blue. But most of all, I had gotten used to the idea of bringing a son, grandson, and nephew into the family.

I asked the sonographer if she was sure about five times, and asked her to look again at least three. I know she hates people like me, but I had to be sure after our last appointment where we were told it was a boy. When she confirmed again and again, and told me she was almost 100% certain it was a girl, I started to cry. I was a little disappointed, and again, I had to change my way of thinking.

Now don't get me wrong, I am over the moon no matter what this baby is. I am so happy and excited that we are pregnant, and that we are FINALLY adding to our family. I am just so full of emotion, and going from girl to boy to girl is kind of a lot to take in. You get used to this idea of how your life is going to be with one gender, and then have to re-arrange it, which is a lot for a highly emotionally charged pregnant woman.

Just like after our NT scan, every time I told someone the gender of the baby today, I would choke up. It makes me laugh. When I checked out at the doctor's office, the receptionist congratulated me on a girl, and I just started bawling. It was quite comical. One would think I didn't want a girl, but again, the reality of the situation is it is a lot to take in and I am just so happy this baby is on its way into our arms.

I asked Hubs if he was happy, sad, or indifferent. He said indifferent. There were pros and cons to either gender. He did say he is disappointed for one reason though: we now have to come up with a middle name we can both agree on, which has been no easy task so far.

So we're having another girl! I really am excited and happy. I get to do pink and frilly and bows again. Little Bean has been ADAMANT that this baby is a girl, and she is having a sister. Turns out, she was right! She went with us today, and when I told her she was right, she ignored me, as if to say, "Well, yeah. Duh mom! I've been telling you that all along!"

I have been jonesing to buy this since we found out we were pregnant

but refrained until we knew the gender for sure. Today, I finally bought it!

A baby girl.... I am a happy mama with a happy little girl, all set to be the world's best big sister. It just doesn't get any better.


Heather said...

I'm kinda shocked...but really happy. There's nothing better than big sisters, I've got three!

Fran said...

How lovely!! another little girl!! Imagine the fun the two of them will be having! and you look great!! much love and happy Christmas!

Leah said...

Congrats! So exciting, and I'm sure your two girls will be the best of friends. :)

S.I.F. said...

So exciting! Nothing like the baby keeping you guessing already! ;) Bean is going to be such a good sister!

*Jess* said...

I think knowing the gender makes it more "real" so its totally okay to be emotional!! Congratulations!! Sisters!!!

twondra said...

So happy for you!! what a roller coaster of emotions!

Life Happens said...

Yay! Little Bean is going to be the best big sister ever! Congrats!

Journey Girl said...

Looks like we both have the same sibling families!!! BB must be over the moon!! JBB is suitably getting ready to be a big brother!!

I hope you and your lovely family had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.