Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birth Control? Not Necessary

My OB has asked both before and after Sweet Pea was born if we intended to go on birth control. Both times I laughed and told her it was not necessary. First, we are in the small percentage of the small percentage of people who are infertile. In other words, 1 in 8 couples is infertile; of the 1 in 8, very few fall into the category where both the male and female parties are considered infertile. Well, we fall in latter. To us, that means if we get pregnant again, well then God must really want us to have that baby, and who are we to say no.

There have been times I thought about getting an IUD because I honestly want to be done having babies for so many reasons:
  1. My last pregnancy was very uncomfortable, and I was unable to eat for the last 3 months of it, and not due to morning sickness.
  2. Childcare for three or more kids would be expensive to astronomical.
  3. Traveling with three or more kids would be difficult both financially and logistically, and we all know that this family loves to travel.
  4. Our house isn't big enough for more than two kids, and we have zero intention of moving. 
  5. I'm getting too old for this sleep deprivation crap.
  6. I'm just getting too old, period.
But as soon as I have thought about all of the above, my heart hurts a little. Its kind of a sad thought to think I am done having babies. Maybe because it makes me feel old to think we're done. Maybe because expecting a little bundle is so exciting. Maybe because my hormones still haven't finished re-regulating themselves after the birth of Sweet Pea. Maybe a combination of all of them. Whatever the reason, I always come back to the thought: If we get pregnant again, against major odds, then God must really want us to have them. I can't argue with that. 

I know that if we get another baby, we will consider it as much as miracle as we do Little Bean and Sweet Pea, and we will love it as much as we do them. A part of me even wants to tempt fate at times. You know, like in that 6 weeks postpartum where they tell you not to indulge because you are stupid fertile and will more than likely get pregnant again. Or even during this first 6 months postpartum when you are more fertile than normal. I kind of want another baby. But then I go back to asking myself why and revisit all of the "maybes".

At the end of the day, none of the above matters. If we get another baby, then we will be overjoyed that we overcame the odds that are so heavily stacked against us, and we will accept the baby with open arms. If we don't get any more babies, then we are just fine with that and travel the world with the two we already have. We're not going to try for more, but we're also not going to bother with trying to prevent. What will be, will be.


Life Happens said...

You have been blessed with two beautiful kids. If God wants to bless you with more, I know you would be over the moon happy (despite the sleep deprivation!). Enjoy your little family. :)

twondra said...

I do understand. :) Like you, we're in the latter with issues with both of us. If we had another baby, it would be a HUGE miracle.

Loved your announcement. Thank you for thinking of us and sending it to us :)

*Jess* said...

I would make the same decision :)