Sunday, March 10, 2013

90% Used, 70% Really Used

Tonight I climbed up in the attic to put together all of the boxes I need Hubs to bring down before the baby is born. Inside them are things like clothes, bibs, burp rags, etc. While moving some of the boxes, I began to hear a critter chatting at me. Fantastic. I called Hubs up just in case the critter came out, and it was then he pointed out all of the critter poop scattered around the attic. Fantastic. It isn't a big problem because most of the stuff I put up there was in plastic storage bins, but some of it is in plain old repurposed diaper cardboard boxes.

One thing that was not okay is the baby bath tub. That stupid critter actually got in and chewed the foam seat of the tub. I was a little bummed, and have decided to get rid of the tub. Luckily baby tubs are rather cheap.

As I said in my last post, there are a few things I am replacing from when Little Bean was a baby, and some things I am getting because I hated what we had last time. Easily 90% of the things this baby will use or wear is used. 70% of that is really used, as in it has been used for two of my sister's babies, and by Little Bean. Sweet Pea will be the 4th baby to use the baby carrier that I bought a new cover for. The carrier looks new because of the cover, but it is far from it. Sweet Pea will use Little Bean's crib, most of her clothes, except where they are not seasonally appropriate, and all of her old toys. Bottom line, where possible, we are reusing everything from 1-3 other babies.

In baby news, I was relieved to learn she is growing right on target when I had my monthly growth scan last Monday. This was a relief because I have not gained even 1 lb in the past 4 weeks, and as of today, make that 5 weeks. I am still up only 16.5 lbs. My doctor wants me to go see a specialist now because obviously the meds she gave me did not get my stomach working. It makes me a little sad because I really want to eat more than I do. I miss eating tasty food whenever I want. But I know anything I eat after breakfast will most likely still be hanging around by bedtime.

This past week I booked tickets for my parents to fly out when the baby is born. Everyone is pretty excited about that. My parents have only been able to see one of their grand children the day they were born, so I am enjoying the fact that this will be the second time.

In Little Bean news, we are officially completely out of diapers! She has been potty trained for over a year and a half and just been using nighttime diapers. But about a month ago, we even stopped the nighttime diapers. I've been waiting to announce this for fear of jinxing us, but I think it is now safe to celebrate. I haven't bought a box of diapers in months now! (Please refrain from commenting about how I will be back in diapers soon enough. I know.)

Other than that, life in our house goes on as normal. Thanks to daylight savings time (just another way the government robs us), it is almost time to get ready for bed, so I will be signing off now. Later!


birthmothertalks said...

Congrats on the potty training! My granddaughter is almost there.

Life Happens said...

You have one out of diapers, and soon, you will have one in diapers! Awesome that your parents will be coming. Remind me of your due date??