Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting Ready

I've been getting asked a lot lately if I'm ready for the baby yet. I always laugh and say not the way the expect. Usually the people who ask are pregnant with their first, weeks behind me in their pregnancies, and as nervous as I was with Little Bean.Their nurseries are already complete, but for Sweet Pea, her room is not even yet started.

The reason she doesn't have a nursery yet is because we need to move some things around in this house, including walls, doors, and people. Even though we may only have a couple months until this little one comes home outside of the package, we will still have a couple months beyond that before she needs her own room. The bottom line, I'm not sweating the big stuff yet.

I am, however, getting ready for the baby in every other aspect. Clothes have been sorted and just need to be washed. The baby carrier is ready to go. Each week I buy something I need for the baby, whether it is for the nursery, clothes, or nursing. My focus lately has been nursing. While I didn't do well with this with Little Bean, I am determined to try again and just has hard as I did the first time. I got a new, different nursing pillow, new accessories, and am going to take a class (I didn't with Little Bean, and that was a huge mistake).

Little Bean and I went shopping for a diaper bag a few weeks ago, and because I am such a sucker, I got the bag Little Bean wanted, and not the one I thought we needed. Hubs laughs at me, and has finally talked me into taking the bag back and getting the one we need. When I do, I'll start buying some swaddle pods, wash cloths, and other small things to get us farther on our way.

One of my best friends is throwing me a baby shower and she already got me a new bassinet that is amazingly versatile and I am very excited for. If that is the only thing we get from the shower, it will be enough, since this is our second. Even though it is our second, I know from the first what I did and did not like, and what did and didn't work. Plus you always have to buy some things new.

Here are a few things I have so far:
I am really looking forward to working on the nursery. The blanket is part of the theme I'm going with, and I have some pretty grand ideas. Until we can get structural engineers and contractors out here, that will just have to wait though.

One other way I am trying to get ready is for the changes this baby will bring to Little Bean's life. Sure she thinks she's excited, but she has no idea how her life is about to change. Right now she is my little buddy. We snuggle a lot and spend a lot of time together. When she sleeps with me, we fall asleep holding hands. As much as I wish that wouldn't change once the baby is here, it will. I'll make every effort to still do those things with her AND the baby, but we all know how well our hopes and dreams can turn out. (If anyone has ideas on how to prepare an only-child for a sibling, I'm all ears!)

A few years back, when Little Bean was still a baby, I bought this doll:
It was originally intended as a gift for someone else, but then I decided to hang onto it for the day when Little Bean became a big sister. I can't believe how long it has been hidden in my closet, and I am ecstatic that it will finally get loved the way I dreamed. I am going to buy it the same baby gear the new baby will have, so Little Bean can be just like mama.

Little Bean wants to name the baby Disney Princess Marie, so hopefully she will use that name for her new baby, and not feel so bad it won't be her sister's name.

Honestly, I would love to get Little Bean a real, live bunny, but I will have my hands full enough with the new baby on top of all the pets we already have, so the bunny will have to wait.

So, am  I ready for the baby? Pretty much, yes. I am definitely not worried about our state of readiness.


*Jess* said...

Nursing is hard, not gonna lie! And every baby is different :) I'm proud of you for having such a great attitude about trying again! I hope you guys are successful!

Fran said...

Well, you are certainly much further ahead than I am! Interesting you will get everything new for baby number two, here we went for the recycling approach, so we have quite a bit already (though I did buy two fab mattresses for the crib and the toddler bed!). you are doing great, so happy to read about your progress! Much love, Fran