Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Going On

So much is going on in our house, as always, but everything is pretty exciting.

Up first, and the most boring, but funny, I spent the Saturday morning mowing the lawn and cleaning up dog bombs. That's right. The first week of January we had to mow our lawn. How awesome is that? It was 70 degrees here the other day. Of course today it is rainy and cold. If there is one thing I've learned about this part of Texas, it is that you can never plan on what to wear in the winter. One day will be hot and the next will be cold. (P.S. Does anyone else feel like their dogs poop too much? lol)

I got Baby Bean's third birthday party scheduled! She is so excited. Almost every single night after I tuck her in she says, "Mama, I wish it was my birthday." That day is fast approaching. She is adamant about a princess theme, and so that is what she shall have. We bought invitations over the weekend. Now I just need to figure out which kids to invite. It will be held at a local art studio where each child will get to paint an 8X10 canvas with oils. How cool is that?! The place totally hosts the party too. I just need to bring my own food and drink and they do everything else, including the paper/plastic ware. I also ordered her the most adorable princess cake. It is a two-tier cake with a castle on top and four Di.sney princesses. Some people might find it all a bit much, but I went through hell to get this child, and she might be the only one I ever get, so I make the most of all of it.

I FINALLY have my laparoscopy scheduled. This has been such a huge pain in my @$$, and it shouldn't have been. I kept asking for them to schedule it for the first of this year since Thanksgiving. I went to see Dr. D right after Christmas and the lady who schedules the surgery (and whom I love) was sitting there scheduling surgeries for other girls right in front of me when she had never scheduled mine. I was NOT happy. And then I had just entered the Two Week Wait, so I had to wait until we found out if I was pg or not before we could schedule (all though we all know I stood a snow ball's chance in hell at getting pg right now). But now it is scheduled for next Friday, and yet another surgery on the ol' ute will be behind me. Hopefully Dr D can find and fix whatever isn't working. I know its not likely, but I hope I have results like my first lap. I was SOOO FERTILE after that surgery, but I didn't know it because I hadn't read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" at that point and wouldn't let my husband near me when I was so "goopey." LOL! If only we had known!

I am doing so awesome on the diet front. I am so proud of myself. I have been on it for 11 days and have not cheated once (except that one french fry I ate on Friday). It has been so much easier and enjoyable than I thought it could be. I am doing so much cooking at home and loving it. Plus its nice to have meals and snacks all planned out for a week. No wondering what to eat! I started the Phase I work out plan today too. As long as I can have sugar-free candy, I can keep this up.

I think that is everything from my end. I am going to try to get some blog reading in now. :D


Leah said...

Glad things are going well, and you'll have to show us pics of your daughter's birthday party after it happens. Sounds like it will be great. :)

Life Happens said...

A princess birthday for the princess! Good for you for sticking to your diet! Hope the surgery goes well for you too!!

Heather said...

Why doesnt your hubby mow the lawns lol? I totally make Ryan do ours lol. And I'm grateful for Flynn who has a poop schedule that means he always goes at the park (which I pick up) so my yard isnt full of poop lol.

I have 'birthday shop for bean' on my list of stuff to do this week.

Potters said...

That is why I dont have dogs. I do love yours but still. I am excited to see pictures of the best birthday party ever. I know you will make it awesome. I hope your surgery goes well.

Sue said...

A princess cake! Sounds wonderful to me. I can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since baby bean came into this world. What a treasure.
Good work on the diet front too, sounds like it's all coming together for you.

Mazzy said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! That's awesome about the diet.

Yes, my dog poops too much, too. And I have like 10 square feet of grass in my back yard--UGH.

How is it our babies are about to be THREE?!?!?!?! I don't comprehend it. Her party sounds like so much fun. I cannot decide what to do for L's yet!