Saturday, July 21, 2012

On Hold

One thing always holds true with fertility treatments, and that is every cycle always has a hiccup. They rarely ever go as planned, or go the way you want them to. Our hiccup for this month is the cycle is now on hold for a month.

I went in for a CD4 sono last Wednesday and they found a large cyst on one of my ovaries. Dr H didn't get in until about an hour after my appointment, so I left thinking the cycle would be cancelled. This was also based on my asking the sonographer if she thought he would cancel, and she said she wasn't positive, but that it was most likely.

When I hadn't heard anything by 2:00 that afternoon, I called to verify cancellation and was told that it wasn't, and to proceed with the injections. I then asked if Dr H had been told about our desire to do IUI, which apparently he had not. Long story short and after my first dose of menopur, Dr H will be on vacation during the week we would do an IUI, so the cycle is on hold. ($75 down the toilet!)

I honestly don't mind the cycle being on hold. We've played this game for over four total years, and I know that cysts and cycle cancellations happen. Plus, as I mentioned in my previous post, we have a couple of vacations planned, and my not being pregnant makes them not only more likely to actually happen, but it makes it more likely I will be able to enjoy them to the fullest. Curious? We're going to London baby, yeah!!!!


We booked the trip a while ago, knowing full well if we got pregnant within a certain time-frame, the trip would most likely be cancelled. Since we aren't pregnant yet, that window has past, and we are definitely clear for takeoff! And yes, Little Bean is going with us. Like we could go on vacation without her. What fun would that be?

Before the year is out, we will also be making a trip to Disney Land! Most people ask why not Disney World, and the answer to that is because we are going with my family, all of whom live on the west coast. So DL is closer and cheaper for all of them. Additionally, Hubs really wants to go ride the coasters at Magic Mountain.

Knowing that we had those vacations planned and booked definitely made it easier to take each disappointing appearance of AF. If it stung at all, it didn't sting for long.

So now we wait for Dr H to get back from his vacation, and see if AF shows up, or if we get pregnant on our own this month, which would be both funny and upsetting, considering how much we just spent on injectibles for IUI. But even if we don't use them this year, they'll keep for a while, right? ;)


*Jess* said...

good plan! Go on those awesome vacations (totally jealous by the way!) and get to some serious baby making afterwards!

AL said...

hooray for a couple of awesome vacations for you all while you're on hold! Sorry you're on a forced break month, hopefully you won't need the drugs after all and get pregnant without assistance :-)

Alex said...

That sucks that your cycle is on hold, but I'm so excited that you're going to London! Can't wait to hear all about your vacations!!!

Life Happens said...

It's always nice to have something like fun vacations to look forward to! Hope you can start back up after vacation. :)