Monday, October 17, 2011

All About Baby Bean

This past weekend was pretty good. I spent a couple of hours yesterday cleaning Baby Bean's room, organizing her clothes, pulling out her fall wardrobe lineup so I could take stock of what we had and what I needed to buy for chillier temps, packing away the stuff that didn't fit anymore, and cleaning her closet.

I have also come to the determination we no longer need her changing table for its intended purpose. Why? Because the girl is potty trained!!! She no longer even wears pull-ups at nap time. She wears night time diapers at night still, but that's it. Its funny because my whole life I thought I  would cry when my babies outgrew diapers, but I am amazingly happy about it. The only downside is Baby Bean always seems to have to go potty just as dinner comes every time we eat out. That and I hate public loos. But we do what we have to do.

Baby Bean is also very opinionated. The hardest part about that is she can never make up her mind. It is a battle dressing her daily because she never wants to wear anything you pull out. Clothing and shoe shopping are just as fun. "Do you like this one?" "No, put it back." About a month ago I took her to Tar.get and found these little tutu-like skirts. I asked her if she liked them, and she took them from me and threw them in the back of the cart. I laughed and said I guessed we were buying those. I went and bought her shoes this weekend without taking her because she would poo poo every shoe I asked her if she liked. Instead I bought the shoes I liked and that best fit her wardrobe, and then took them home and told her I had a surprise. That worked! She thought the shoes were a present, and so she liked them.

Baby Bean also learned how to ride her D.ora Big Wh.eels. Up until about a week ago, she couldn't figure out how to use the pedals. She has definitely got it down now. Her daddy and I took her to the park twice yesterday, and she rode her bike the whole way there and back. We had such a good time. We took Sadie with us and let her walk off-leash the whole time. She would keep an eye on Baby Bean when she would get too far ahead, and also keep an eye on me when I got too far behind. She then stood sentinel at the park.

Another milestone is about to be hit in Baby Bean's education. She goes to a Montessori school, and her teachers tell me she is bored in her current classroom. Now that she is potty trained, she can transition to the next room. In her current room she gets to wear whatever she wants every day. In the next room she will have to wear a plaid jumper uniform. I still have to buy all of the uniforms, but I will worry about that once she is fully transitioned, which should take a week or two. For now she spends an hour or so in the next room every day until she builds up to being in that room full time. Her teachers are always telling me what a bright little girl she is. I have to admit, I'm proud. So is her dad.

As for her recent baby prediction, she straight up told me one day last week on our way home from work/school that I was going to have another baby. That is when it hit me that one of the mothers of the other kids in her classroom must be pregnant. My husband confirmed as much that night. It sure would have been fun if she had been making a prediction though!

The past few months I have been working even harder to make every minute with her count. I realize I might not have any more children, so it is even more important to be present in the moment with Baby Bean than ever. I might never have another 2-year-old, so I need to completely soak up these moments and not take any of it for granted. My little girl notices. She is totally a mama's girl. :D


Leah said...

It was so fun hearing all about Baby Bean. She sounds like a bright and thriving girl. And congrats on the potty training! I have a feeling I won't miss diapers when my kids transition. Sure, there are some things I'll miss, but changing diapers won't be one of them. :)

twondra said...

Awww, love reading about her. :) She's getting soooo big and I laugh about her being so opinionated. So cute!!

Alex said...

What a sweet post about Baby Bean! I love this!

Potters said...

It's great that Baby Bean gets to move up to the next classroom. What a fun proud mommy moment for you.

Maybe you should surprise her with everything you pick out for her.

Wifey said...

I love reading about your beautiful daughter, LOVE HER! And yeah for fully potty trained, such a good girl! And I can totally relate to the needing to go potty at dinner - why do they wait until the food comes. It's like clockwork, and sadly A still does it sometimes and she is 9!

I love that she is coming into her own being and making choices. Brilliant job on the present thing, it will buy you a lot more time. Ab use to think I was so cool and stylish and now that she has her "own style" as she calls it, I am not cool anymore. SUCKS! But I will give it to her, she is pretty stylish.

BB is totally a Mama's girl and she has a great Mama at that. She is a brilliant girl and adorable. Keep soaking it up like you always do, you are a great Mom!!!!

Sorry for the comment overload but if you couldn't tell I am finally catching up on my blog reading. I have read a lot from my phone but can't comment that way. Love you girl, miss you and have been thinking of you often!!!

mckala7 said...

She's growing up too fast. :)