Monday, October 3, 2011

Something Isn't Right

Okay, I'm really not happy with myself right now because I am doing another cycle post. Rest assured, I still don't care about this cycle. I'm just tired of the crap involved with it, and remembering why I hate cycling. But before I get into that, I have to say I am noticing an unhappy theme in my house.

I finally called the vet today, which I should have done weeks ago, because Sadie is still bleeding. She is 8 weeks post partum  on Wednesday, and surely it isn't typical for a dog to bleed that long. I mean, most women don't bleed that long post partum. I think I was afraid to call before today because I was so afraid to hear what I didn't want to hear.

The vet said he thinks she has a uterine infection and prescribed some antibiotics for her. He told me to bring her in when she is in her next heat cycle so he can "flush her uterus." I don't know what that means or what it is going to cost me. But he said if she doesn't respond to the antibiotic or she gets another infection, I may have to spay her.

That last sentence is what kills me. Now I know Sadie probably doesn't care. She will probably never know any better. But *I* do. And I have been fighting to have children for years. So the thought of taking that away from my dog is a knife in my heart. If she had never been pregnant or had a litter, it wouldn't be so hard. But she did have a litter, and they all died. And she knew it. She still isn't 100% because she knows she lost something. So for me, an ex-infertile, taking a litter away from my dog is crushing. To think I might not be able to breed her again, hurts me. I don't do it for the money. I couldn't care less about the money (obviously, considering I spent a month's take home pay trying to keep her safe when her litter had to be born via c-section and then in emergency vet bills). I do it because I love giving my dogs that experience, and I have to say, I love the puppies too.

I am so afraid I know what is going to happen, but I am praying so hard it doesn't come to that.

As for me, well I am in so much pain I couldn't handle sitting in my chair for the last hour and a half of work today. I was literally on my knees at my desk, just trying to make it through the day. The last time I remember hurting this much is after my laporoscopy 4 years ago this month. This discomfort is very similar to that discomfort. It builds slowly throughout the day until I can barely stand it and want to puke.

I called Dr. D's office and his nurse told me that it was most likely because my ovaries were still really enlarged. I guess it takes them a few days after they release their eggs to go back down to normal size. But after all of the discomfort I have been in today, I am not so sure that is the problem. Each step I take sends a pinching sensation through my abdomen and to my leg. Sitting at my desk for hours on end not only makes the pain build, but then it feels like the pinch moves around the way a baby kicks from the inside, only painful and not fun.

On top of that, Dr. D wants me to go on progesterone for the remainder of my cycle. The prom.etrium he puts me on has to be taken twice a day, and it makes me feel like I've taken a sleeping pill. Its great for at night, but not so great during the work day. So I asked for a different intake method, but guess what? It costs 5-6 times as much. I told my husband that I sure am spending a lot of money on something I don't give a crap about.

As for this cycle, once I ovulated, I lost all hope for some reason. I triggered on Thursday, and by Friday night I felt like it didn't work. Any hope I might have had was washed down the fallopian tubes with my eggs. But I am okay. I don't feel bad or upset or bitter. It is what it is (I hate that phrase, by the way). I have a feeling next month I will end up doing a hysteroscopy. I want that done so that I will know once and for all if I am done done. Like I have no choice. Like there is no hope. Even if Dr. D doesn't find anything, I will only do two more medicated cycles, and then its quitso. I did everything I could. Everything up to that hard, fast line I have drawn, which is I stop at injectibles. This has been the plan for months, so even though I'd rather be done now, I'm sticking to the plan. Stupid plan.

I'm sorry this post is such a downer. Maybe you would all like it if I ended it with an adorable puppy picture. Here you go!


Alex said...

That's so sad about Sadie. I don't know what flushing her uterus is either, but it certainly doesn't sound good! And that would be awful if you had to spay her. But I know you'll do what's best for her. But heartbreaking nonetheless.

And that really sucks that you're in so much pain! I can't believe you're feeling like that - this truly sucks! Hang in there, my dear.

Also, I have some boxes of Crinone gel 8%. If your doctor would like to use that, email me at and I'll mail it to you!

Cute pic!

Life Happens said...

Love the new blog. I hope you don't have to get Sadie spayed. I'm sure she is still mourning the loss of her pups. I hope she feels better.

And I hope you feel better too!!
BTW, Love your new hair!

Mazzy said...

First things first, that photo of bean and her puppy? TO DIE.

I cannot believe you stimmed that well from 100 of the C. WOW. I know your hope is gone, but can I have hope for you? Because I pray, that's what I do. And I'm praying for you.

I hope you feel better... I know all too well that pain after ovulation when you ovaries are still the size of grapefruits. And the stupid progesterone "drunk." It's AWFUL. We should be given PTO specifically designated for days deemed "SUCKS TO BE A LADY."


S.I.F. said...

My heart hurts for Sadie too. I'm hoping the antibiotics do the trick.

And as for you... plans are overrated friend. I'm just sayin'...

Potters said...

Crazy cycle. I hope your feeling better. I can't wait to read more posts.

I love the picture! Your daughter is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your new blog is gorgeous, wait your new hair is gorgeous, your new blog is divine, wait.. pic of your babe and the puppy adorable, lame about sweet Sadie. Any new news?

Wifey said...

Poor Sadie. That makes me so sad, what a sweet dog. I hope things work out okay.

I feel ya on the prometrium. It did the same thing to me too, not very helpful when it comes to living life!

And ironically I just had the conversation with my Hubby about the "it is what it is" statement the other day. I didn't realize I hated that comment so much until he recently decided to pick it up and use it constantly in the past few weeks. Ugh - hate it!

I miss you girl and I am proud of you for sticking with this. I know it's hard but please know you are an amazing woman and for what it's worth I am very proud of you. And the puppy picture...couldn't be any cuter!