Friday, October 28, 2011

Predictable Unperdictability

I took my husband with me to see Dr D yesterday so that we could map out a plan WITH him, as opposed to me walking in his office and trying to tell him how it was going to be. Even though I've been through the IF ringer for years, I still don't know as much about this game as he does, so at the end of the day, I have to defer to his judgement and expertise.

Yesterday was another predictable unpredictable cycle. I was on CD11 and already in the process of ovulating. Yeah, holy cow. I usually don't ovulate until CD19, so I was 8 days ahead. The earliest I have ovulated before yesterday was CD13, and that only happened once. The bummer was the follie that was going was the not-so-good one. But the good news was the good one was 21mm and ready to go. Dr D triggered me to get the good one to go too, and told Hubs and I to "go home and get busy." Even though I didn't plan on it, we ended up having another triggered cycle (my butt still hurts from the shot).

We then talked about the success of medicated versus natural cycles. Obviously I was upset about the one good follie from this cycle, versus many follies. I asked if getting one follie on letrozole was better than one follie on my own, and he said yes. That doing the meds increases the chances of pregnancy. I asked him why I had to do injectibles when I produced 5 good follies (with the potential of 3 more) on chlomid, and he said the injectibles make the cycle more likely to be successful. I don't know if it is because it makes the eggs better quality or the lining stickier or what. I do know I have to go in next Tues for a progesterone shot because he says it will make the lining stickier. Then I start the progesterone supplements that day until I can take a pg test 14 days from yesterday.

Knowing that the younger the eggs the better your chances are, I guess I can see how letrozole making me ovulate on CD11 versus CD19 would be better. And of course the progesterone is supposed to make the lining nice and sticky for potential embies, and with my situation, I need all the sticky help I can get.

We then talked over our battle plan and here is what we all three decided on:
  • Hubs is going to do the SA in the next week.
  • I will do a hysteroscopy in January.
  • If we decide that Hubs is part of the problem, we will do IUIs next Feb/March.
  • If Hubs isn't part of the problem, we will try on our own after surgery.
  • We MIGHT do another letrozole cycle next month if this one doesn't work, depending on where the days land around TG. Obviously cycling around holidays gets complicated.
I wanted to be done, but you all know how it goes. There is always SOMETHING that throws a wrench in our perfect cycling plans. It would be nice if that wrench was a pregnancy, wouldn't it? If I get pregnant off this cycle, that whole bulleted list above is moot. (Please be moot!)

I haven't asked this before, but everyone cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us this month. I am really hoping it works out for us and I can be done because I'm pregnant, not because it was time to give up.


Melissa N. said...

I got pregnant with one egg on my last letrozole cycle with IUI. I, too, ovulated early. Unforutunately, as you know, our pregnancy didn't end the way we wanted it to but conception did occur, and it was our first pregnancy ever in 3.5 years. I don't ovulate or produce viable eggs on my own, so letrozole is my saving grace. But, the moral of the story is that it IS possible to get pregnant with one follicle as opposed to multiple ones - it just takes one golden egg. Hoping this is yours!!

Fran said...

Fingers and toes crossed! Love, Fran

Potters said...

Man this stuff is so confusing to me. My fingers are crossed for you.

Alex said...

Oh how frustrating! Everything is crossed that your one follie turns into one fabulous baby!!!

*Jess* said...


Tippy said...

Hoping that your next steps give you the second child you are waiting for. I'm always here following along and rooting you on.

Wifey said...

Still praying! PLEASE BE MOOT!

Life Happens said...

Always keeping you in my prayers!!